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squeedle's Journal

we're all asquee!
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MODERATORS: fayte (krista) and sandpapertouch (pam).

we're hardcore lotr fangirls. we've not reached stalkerdom (the highest level of fangirl) yet, but just give us the time and a plane ticket to new zealand and we'll so get our stalk on. ::stalk, stalk:: heh.

this journal is purely for the amusement of ourselves. and believe me, we're amused. it's just an extension of what we do anyway. sit around, giggle, make icons, and look at pictures of hot men.

aren't you glad we decided to share?


1. hot man on man lovin' required.
2. no fanfic posts, please. we're already members of endless_smut. you are allowed to link to fanfic, especially if it will make us blush.
3. sharing is mandatory. if you don't want someone to use something (i.e. pictures or icons), don't post it.
4. we do take requests. we'll make you an icon or try to find you a pic. since we've pretty much seen them all, we know right where to go.
5. this is all in fun. we're sure to offend and/or frighten someone. has never stopped us before. deal.
6. flattery accepted graciously by the moderators. :)
7. have fun and play nice.