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Vital Stats:
Height 5'7"
DOB: 12/8/76 (Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon)
Born: Berlin, Germany
Family: Older brother (and a mess of nieces and nephews) Mum Aureen is a Nurse, Dad is a teacher
Car: Supposedly Sean's old Beemer, but has been spotted driving a convertible Mercedes
Dating: Officially single since before LOTR filming
Trivia: Dom is constantly covered in various jewelry, most of which he wears all the time, including a pendant with a washer on it; an "engagement ring" from Sean's daughter Ali. He also has two small star tattoos on his right foot.

um....AWWWWWWWWWWWWW. no, this wasn't relevant. who cares.

i agree with krista. if i don't sleep with one of these men soon i might die. ;)\

oh, i should also mention this came from Bag End Inn.
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