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*jumps up & down*

WHOO!! I finally found people who have funny wording too! *giggles* Okay, so I'm new to the group (new to LJ technically). But, yeah, I'm Danielle. But call me Dani!! Yes, hmm... *goes to drool over hot LOTR men*
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oh wow. you're using my icon :D


welcome. :)
our first member! other than us...and our relatives! wow. i'm curious, how in the heck did you even find us anyway?

welcome. and i hope we don't scare you. heh. ;)
can i ask you to credit me in the keywords for my icon? cause, seriously, it's not even to be shared, and i don't know how you got it, but i'll let ya keep it if you give me some credit.

yeah I can credit you. i found it at a crazylife community awhile back. But I usually change my icons like crazy so it never stays on longer than a few days. But it's credited.
thanks for the credit <33

do you remember the name of the community that you found it in? this really bothers me. :(
No I don't. I'm sorry. I'll look for it sometime.