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courtesy of my friend matthew: [8:55 PM]: it makes me feel gay just to visit it.

welcome to squeedle, the gaymanlovin' and wish-they-were-gaymanlovin' community of sandpapertouch and fayte.

an introduction is completely useless considering we're the only people here. ::echos::

anyway. in case you do stumble across this, hiii. we're drunk. :)

we are friends in real life, ie. outside of the internet. this community was born from our love of making lists about gaymansex. or actually, just the thought of most of the actors from the lord of the rings HAVING gaymansex. yes, gaymansex is a word.

before we post anything of substance ::snark::, we should explain our vocabulary...extensive vocabulary. let us begin...

pitcher: a word brought to us by our dear sometimes-gay friend auxien. it's the man who is on the giving end of the ever-so-popular gaymansex.

catcher: you guessed it. the receiver. :D ALWAYS ELIJAH. he is the bottom of the pitcher totem pole. this will be explained in a later post.

shortbus: you remember the kids who used to ride the school bus that was a little bit shorter than yours? that's us. :)

squeedle: it's what happens when you squee at a weedle.

you will also come across blatant overuse of the following terms: squee, snark, totally, seriously, durrr, asquee, OMG!!!1, thud...and any word ending with "licious."

these symbols are also highly overused: o_0, <333, {{{}}}

please enjoy your visit.

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